Are you seeing the Bigger Picture?

Sometimes, the small, boring, menial tasks we face on a daily basis can be a huge mental stumbling block in our pursuit of success. Why? Because they remind us (and sometimes rightfully so), that we are capable of much greater things and can handle a lot more responsibility. Here’s the catch though, if you’re really preparing yourself to be a leader, to live a life of influence, to become that person that others respect and listen to, you’ll need to learn how to do two things really well: 1. Look at the bigger picture and 2. Learn how to serve others.

Vol. 2 Tip #8: You gotta have Faith!

What are you putting your faith in? It goes without saying that having faith in something bigger than yourself, a spiritual faith is vital. At least I believe so. But what about the other kind of faith. The one that takes us out of our comfort zones and helps us to go farther, bigger, better, faster?

While I love common sense, I’ve also come to understand that some things in life cannot be explained or pursued based on common sense alone. I think that it is impossible to succeed at anything in life without allowing faith to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown.

Living from the Heart

My brother Sam and I, are both public speakers. When we started our speaking careers almost 20 years ago, we ventured out together. He would do all the speaking and I would top things off with my Speedscape performance. Eventually, we decided that we could impact more people if we split up and took our own unique message and stories to the masses. To accomplish this, Sam helped me to overcome my fear of speaking and develop effective messages and I taught him how to Speedscape so he could continue to have the visual element that made our programs so unique.


Recently, Sam developed an interesting message centered around The Heart and wanted something visual to go along with it, so he came to me for ideas and help. As we brainstormed on both the visual and the story-telling aspect of his idea, I became more and more inspired by the concept. SO much so, that I have been painting tiny hearts, in my kitchen, since mid-December! Today, I have 327 hearts under my belt so to speak and that’s only after a month of painting. Unlike most artists who put out limited edition art pieces, it’s my desire to put out as many hearts a possible! And not because they are for sale either! It’s because they are an awesome reminder. A reminder that the heart is so much more than just an organ, but is at the very center of our ability to be passionate, committed and courageous as we face life with it’s many challenges.

As a visual learner, I love the idea of augmenting the message about the importance of recharging our spiritual hearts with a piece of beautiful art. If you’re interested, feel free to hit our Etsy store. And I’m more than happy to personalize and customize a heart if you have someone in mind who can use the reminder to not lose heart. 🙂

Show some compassion…to Yourself!

It’s a happy day here in Indianapolis! With the worst of the Polar Vortex (aka Indiana Snowpocalypse!) behind us, the snow piles slowly melting, the kids are finally back in school today, after having their winter break extended by a WEEK!! (Thank you Lord!) So now I can resume some of my more normal morning activities when I’m not traveling – reading, writing and making videos!

Today, I want to talk to you about compassion and how important it is to show it to…yourself! As someone who grew up constantly feeling like I was two steps behind everyone else, I was really, really hard on myself. A lot of my presentations bring up the fact that inner dialogue plays a huge role in determining your attitude and ultimately what your life’s journey looks like. I think it’s crucial that you don’t spend a lot of time calling yourself names and deriding yourself. So you screwed up? We all do that! But is it really helpful to sit there with your head hung low, telling yourself what an idiot you are? Not especially!

Recognize what you did wrong as objectively as you can, think about ways that you can prevent the same thing from happening again, ideally journal your thoughts, then move on with life. Tomorrow is a new day!

Giving from the Heart

Love this quote: “There’s no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.John Holmes

Generosity shouldn’t have a season, but we are definitely reminded and inspired to be more thoughtful, generous and giving during the holiday season. Call it the spirit of Christmas!

Even before I knew about the greatest Gift of all, my mother was already setting a wonderful example of what it was like to be giver. I’ll never forget her cookie baking sprees, where every corner of the kitchen and the house was filled with plates and boxes of amazing Christmas cookies that she gifted to everyone around her. I think some of that joy of giving rubbed off on me because I get a huge kick out of the whole gift-giving experience. Everything from planning what to get everyone, to doing the shopping, and the wrapping. It is not uncommon to have my wife refer to me as Martha during this time of year. 😛

One thing I’ve learned that’s made giving even more fun is that it’s important to give out of your passion. Sometimes, we get caught up in the idea that there are just a few ways to give and make an impact: donating money, volunteering at a soup kitchen or participating in food or clothing drives, but there are as many ways to give as there are interests. And keep in mind that the subject of your giving does not necessarily need to be the most obviously needy member of your community. Everyone has needs and struggles regardless of their socio-economic status. If something you love to do, fits the need of another person, that could be a great opportunity for your generosity!

How I Became the Simple ADHD Expert

Deep in the dark recesses of a damp basement in a stern Illinois government building, there are many X-Files-style filing cabinets, and in one there’s a file with my name on it, Ben Glenn. About 4 inches thick, filled with papers that date all the way back to the early ’80s, the file reads like a novel: “A long, long time ago in a land far, far away there was a boy in the third grade who was asked to take some tests that would change the course of his life forever.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if the story continued, “…and after being placed in a special education class, all of Ben’s challenges went away and he had a successful academic career”? Maybe. But it didn’t. Growing up in a special education class was a negative experience — the biggest challenge of my young life.