FAQ Page

What does the Speedscaping portion of Ben Glenn's presentation entail?

How long are Ben's presentations?

We already have a keynoter for our event. Can Ben do just the drawing?

Who coordinates the frame/canvas for the drawing?

What other supplies/equipment do I need to provide?

How long does it take you to set up?

What will these supplies cost me?

What is the booking process?

Can we hold a date on your schedule while we're working out the details of our event without signing a contract or paying a deposit?

What if our school district does not allow for deposits?

Can we video record Ben's presentation?

Does Ben have an intro and pics we can use to promote him and our event?

What happens to the drawing after the event?

Can Ben teach me how to do Chalk Art?

Is Ben willing to speak about Chalk Art, speaking, ADHD or LEGO?

I want to order an original chalk painting or have a mural painted, does Ben ever do commissions?

We have one of Ben's large canvases from a past event and our group is ready to hang/display it. What do I need to know?