I was doing some housekeeping on my many external hard drives – I have 7!!! – and I found this photos from many years ago of me and my brother Sam drawing in front of some 75,000 people at the Pontiac Silverdome. Man, that was a rush! But also, kind of a let down. I had expected that the event would lead to dozens of new speaking engagements and that just never happened. I look back at how naive I was, thinking that this one big event would make all the difference. We do that a lot though, don't we? Wait to commit to a course of action until we see an open door with signage and a welcoming committee to assure us that we are about to round the corner on success, when instead, in retrospect, some of our greatest opportunities come in chance meetings and small, seemingly insignificant events. As you travel on your life's journey, just remember that there is no guarantees and no sure-fire ways to succeed except though hard work, perseverance and consistency.

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