This page contains a number of downloadable documents and images that will help prepare for an event with Ben Glenn. Do not hesitate to contact the office ( if you cannot find the information you’re looking for or have trouble downloading any of the documents.

Event-related Documents

Rider (pdf)

Frame building Instructions (pdf)

Stretching the Sheet Instructions (pdf)

Video that explains how to stretch the sheet on the frame:

Promotional images

Click on your image of choice, then right-click, save-as to your hard drive.



Ben Glenn is an award-winning artist, speaker and author. He has been a full-time speaker for 25 years, traveling all over the United States and around the globe. His story of growing up as a learning disabled student with ADHD, as well as his amazing live art demonstration has inspired thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds and earned him the moniker, “The Chalkguy”. He is the author of “Simply Special: Learning to Love Your ADHD” and the founder of the Chalkguy LEGO drive. Ben is here with us today from Indianapolis, Indiana. Please welcome, Ben Glenn, the Chalkguy!