Be Specific to be Successful; Get help Prioritizing!

I recorded this video last December and am only now just getting around to posting it. Oops! 😀 In the video I reference my Build It Again Bricks project which, happily, I was able to complete and see come to fruition – check out my update about it here!

I can’t stress enough how important it is for people with ADHD to find one or two people who they can trust to help them prioritize (I call these people sympathetic enforcers). Fact is, being in idea-generating overdrive pretty much every single day can be both exhilarating and incredibly frustrating. It’s fun coming up with great ideas, isn’t it? And it’s even better to see something go from idea to physical reality, but when you have ADHD, the struggle with follow-through, planning, prioritizing, consistency and focus usually sabotages over 95% of the ideas we dream up. And that’s where having a sympathetic enforcer on your team can make all the difference!