How to tackle your To Do list with less stress

Everyone has a “to do” list! And if yours is like mine, it’s way longer than you can ever hope to accomplish in a day, a week and sometimes even a month! This can be frustrating and even deflate the motivation that you might have for getting things done because when you look at it, all you get is a big knot in your stomach and sense of being totally and completely overwhelmed. Believe me,  I can relate! Not only that, but us ADHDers tend to attack our lists by doing a bit of a bull rush where we try and tackle a number things all at the same time and what ends up happening is that we get half way through a bunch of things, but don’t ever get the satisfaction of putting a big, fat “check” next to any of our to dos. This is also very discouraging and something I deal with myself on occasion.

So when I got into reading Heidi Grant Halvorsen’s article, I was excited to see a technique to help ease the stress of facing my “to do” list and make it seem more manageable. Heidi suggests categorizing our lists based on “when” and “where” the to dos need to be done. This helps with prioritizing and getting organized. So if you have to go to the store to pick up groceries and you also have to run by the bank – it helps to figure out ahead of time that the two are right down the street from one another, so that you should visit both of them while you’re out. As opposed to running to the store, coming home and then having to run out later to visit the bank. It’s a super simple concept, but it does require that we spend just a few more minutes with our “to do” list looking for connections like that one. For me, using Google Calendar has been a tremendous for helping me get and stay organized. What’s working for you?