Join My Build it Again LEGO Brick Project

I love LEGO (so much so, that I even tried to build a lifesize sasquatch in my basement. I still have the foot…). And I want to share that love of LEGO with kids who can’t afford their own brick kit. So, I need your help! Build It Again Bricks is my latest project, helping give your old LEGOs a new lease on life.

It’s easy:
1. Ship me your bricks.
2. My team and I will clean, sort, package and recycle your bricks for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have any.
3. Get some great perks!

We’re partnering with Mercy Road Church and some local schools, too! LEGO is a great way to help kids gain much needed life skills, like creativity, patience, resilience, social skills and team work. Help me spread the LEGO love! Visit for more info!