The Teacher That Made all the Difference

One thing I really love to do, is to celebrate the folks who made a difference in my life, especially the teachers that I had growing up.

In this video clip from a recent event, I talk about the importance of engagement. Not like, I’m going to get married soon, engagement, but the kind where you capture someone’s attention and keep their interest in whatever project or activity is on hand. In my case, my teacher’s “the project” was trying to get me & keep me interested in school and focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. It was no easy task, but my teacher persevered and ultimately I was able to reap the rewards of the efforts she inspired me to put forth with my schooling. Thanks Ms. Thielberg!

With my kids in school now, it’s not hard to see how a teacher can make it or break it, especially for those children who are not into school, don’t enjoy academics, or struggle with some aspect of learning. So if your kids have great teachers, don’t take it for granted!  In this season of gratitude, show your appreciation and let them know that they are making a difference!