Help! I Married someone with ADHD! [Finances}

Got one more video to share with you today from my video series about ADHD and relationships. (Check out videos #1, #2 and #3.) Today, I want to talk about money, marriage, getting organized and minimizing conflict! That’s right, that tricky subject that even those without ADHD or an ADHD spouse can get a bit uncomfortable about.

Many couples disagree about money – how it should be saved or spent, and things can be even worse when you throw in ADHD with it’s characteristics of impulsivity and disorganization. So what are some ways that couples can work together to make sure that their financial life gets and stays on track? In the video, I share a few different tips to help get you moving in the right direction.

Still I’m not exactly a financial expert so I invited Indy’s best known financial guru, Pete The Planner, to come and share even more tips about saving, spending and what us ADDers can do differently when it comes to money to help us stay away from overspending. I’ll be posting those videos next week!