Irwin Middle & High School

Title: Irwin Middle & High School
Location: Ocilla, GA
Description: Assemblies
Date: 2009-04-27

The day started early – I got up at 6am. Why? Well mostly because I wanted to get some fishing in. That’s right! Caught me a couple of nice ones too!

Then it was off to do the assemblies. Phew! It must have been about 100 degrees in that gym! I don’t know about you guys, but I sure worked up a sweat. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

Big thanks to Stephanie Wiiliamson for giving us a big wad of cash to get lunch…we filled up on the .99c menu at Peck’s, then blew the rest of the money on The Claw at Walmart…just kidding!

Well, Larry’s off to go jog in the woods (he’s getting ready for the Indianapolis Mini-marathon this coming weekend)…hopefully the rattlesnakes don’t get him, and I’m going to go do a bit more fishing. I LOVE to fish and never get a chance to do it – too busy.

Ocilla! Thanks for having us – we had a great time…only wish you were closer to the airport in Jacksonville…:-)

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7 thoughts on “Irwin Middle & High School

  1. Chalkguy/Ben!!
    wow, your were AMAZING today!
    and so funny!
    and when you were talking about people nudging people saying, “look, thats a tree!” well my friends were doing that!
    it was funny and we were all amazed.
    your drawing was so beautiful!
    thanks for coming to our school!
    and yes, it was hot in that gym!

  2. hey man you were GREAT!!!!!glad you got some good fishing in.I loved your drawings i’ve been on you tube watching videos of you.also glad you got a chance to go to pecks.haha.-luke

  3. Omg! you were awesome. My friends and I loved your painting. I’ve also read your book.. Very awesome. Hopefully your next assembly won’t be in a gym that hot. But atleast you ate at pecks. 🙂

  4. thanks guys! so i weighed myself after the assemblies and i lost like 10 pounds in sweat. LOL Seriously though, it was really great to be a part of your community for a few short days. I hope someday I can come back and see you all again. God bless!

  5. You were amazing!!! I have ADD and I was also diagnosed in third grade so it was great to hear a similar story. Your drawings were awesome. Thank you sooo much for coming!

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