Keep the Small Worries in Your Life, Small

“Don’t worry, be happy” hits close to home for ADDers, too. Unfortunately, we’re really good at taking a small worry and blowing it out of proportion. It’s one more way for us to let our focus stray from what’s important. Kind of like stressing over forgetting my lunch when I walk out of the house in my boxers. Not that that’s ever happened. Promise.

When you have a small worry, fight the urge to fall down the rabbit hole. Before you get sucked into a state of panic, try to find the brighter side of the situation.

I like to tell school assemblies, “Remember that life is a journey.”

Tomorrow will not be the same as today. Today may have its problems, but tomorrow will bring new hope and resolutions, sometimes out of the most unexpected of places.

Before I go to bed, I try to remember that I have a choice: Do I allow my worries to overwhelm me, or do I choose joy and move forward? Every night, I want to choose to move forward, even it means asking for help. I don’t want my circumstances to dictate my choices for me.

So, make sure to stay in control. Don’t let your creative imagination blow a hamster-sized struggle into a Godzilla-sized one. Happiness a lot bigger than worries. It was true in ’88, and it’s true in ’09.

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One thought on “Keep the Small Worries in Your Life, Small

  1. Great thoughts–and awesome presentation at Atherton High School today–I was one of the teachers in the audiece. Very inspiring. I hope to someday see you again at one of your church events. Keep spreading the word, and good luck with the boxing!

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