Living from the Heart

My brother Sam and I, are both public speakers. When we started our speaking careers almost 20 years ago, we ventured out together. He would do all the speaking and I would top things off with my Speedscape performance. Eventually, we decided that we could impact more people if we split up and took our own unique message and stories to the masses. To accomplish this, Sam helped me to overcome my fear of speaking and develop effective messages and I taught him how to Speedscape so he could continue to have the visual element that made our programs so unique.


Recently, Sam developed an interesting message centered around The Heart and wanted something visual to go along with it, so he came to me for ideas and help. As we brainstormed on both the visual and the story-telling aspect of his idea, I became more and more inspired by the concept. SO much so, that I have been painting tiny hearts, in my kitchen, since mid-December! Today, I have 327 hearts under my belt so to speak and that’s only after a month of painting. Unlike most artists who put out limited edition art pieces, it’s my desire to put out as many hearts a possible! And not because they are for sale either! It’s because they are an awesome reminder. A reminder that the heart is so much more than just an organ, but is at the very center of our ability to be passionate, committed and courageous as we face life with it’s many challenges.

As a visual learner, I love the idea of augmenting the message about the importance of recharging our spiritual hearts with a piece of beautiful art. If you’re interested, feel free to hit our Etsy store. And I’m more than happy to personalize and customize a heart if you have someone in mind who can use the reminder to not lose heart. 🙂