ADHD & Finances with Pete the Planner, Part 1

Last week, I posted a video about Finances, Marriage and ADHD that I had recorded a few weeks back. Recognizing that we are currently in the season of spending, I thought it might a good idea to delve a bit more into the subject of ADHD and finances.

Given how everything about the Holiday season screams BUY! BUY! BUY! and how us impulsive ADHDers often give in to that message, much to the frustration of other family members it seemed like a good idea to call in an expert! Pete, who is an all-round great guy AND who also lives right down the road with me, was the perfect person to share some great thoughts and tips about budgeting, saving and making the most of your dollars not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year. Here’s the first of four videos with Pete that I’d like to share with you. Check out Pete’s website for more info and some great resources on how to take control of your finances!

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2 thoughts on “ADHD & Finances with Pete the Planner, Part 1

  1. Ben,
    You lost me…first, w/the fact you had the dude in your space. Second, he was talking a language I didn’t understand. This lead to my third issue, I was distracted by all the stuff in the background.

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