North Carolina FBLA State Conference

FBLA State Conference
Location: Raleigh, NC
Start Date: 2009-04-16
End Date: 2009-04-17

What a great time last night! I was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that you guys had! Your speeches were amazing – there are going to be some incredible leaders out of North Carolina serving this country and the world in the future! It was an honor to play even a small role in helping you all be the best you can be. A huge thank you to Thomas for being on top of every detail and to Lorraine for making it all happen. God bless you!

Now, off to the workshop, then hopping on the plane to head home to Indy to spend a couple of days with the fam before I hit the road again.

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3 thoughts on “North Carolina FBLA State Conference

  1. Wow what an amazing time last night and again this morning at the workshop. Can’t wait to share with everyone back at our school. You are one speaker I would not mind seeing again.

  2. well it took me long enough to find it. you know it was no problem helping you out. i had a blast, you are very talented and a great person just to talk to. take care ben and dont be afraid to give me a ring next time your in NC.

  3. I was amazed. My son has dyslexia,oppositional behavior disorder…….. I found a wonderful school in Charlotte North Carolina called Dore Academy.It is very expensive and not attainable to a large population. The current tuition there is 164500.00
    a year and rising..

    Do you know of any type of programs or corporations who may want to sponor a child?My son NEEDS TO SEE your presentation.. I will continue to follow your speaking schedule until I we are able to attend another one of your sessions.



    see info below

    “Founded in 1978, Dore Academy is a K-12, college preparatory school devoted to the education of students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Our philosophy is centered on the principle that all individuals learn in different ways, resulting in an educational approach that must be unique and personalized for each student. To fulfill our philosophy, our teaching programs are highly personalized, and designed to help students perform at a higher academic level and achieve a stronger, more positive self-image.”

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