Vol. 2 Tip #10; Let Challenging times make you Stronger

You might have noticed that “overcoming” is a recurring theme in my messages, my books and my videos. I like to talk about the importance of persevering through life’s obstacles, never giving up and continuing to move forward. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m starting to sound just a little bit cliched, but I also can’t help but recognize that this is a message that everyone needs to hear and often.

Everyone, and I mean, every. single. person alive has or will face a time that will challenge them and test their hearts and minds to the breaking point, and sometimes beyond. Recovery is possible. And you can even come back stronger and better than ever, but what happens to you once you’re caught in life’s grinder and how you come out on the other end is very much based on how you choose to grow through the “ugly”.

My experience is that some people are more resilient and bounce back quicker than others, and some people seem to have a greater share of troubles than their peers, sometimes for no obvious reason, but at the end of the day, each one of us has to decide if we’re going to push on or quit and turn into bitter complainers and naysayers. Can we just agree, right now, that complaining has never gotten anyone ahead in life? And I’m not talking about complaining in a restaurant about your food and getting a free meal, I mean, in the grand scheme of things. No one who spends their days complaining about how unfair life is and how they’ve gotten the short end of the stick, will ever be a happy camper. It’s just not possible. If negativity is what you put out, you will receive the same negativity in response. My solution? To be optimistic. Maybe cautiously so, but learn, little by little to believe that things can get better or at the very least evolve and change. And be sure that you’re actively pursuing “the better” and not just sitting around wishing for it.

Vol. 2 Tip #9 Know What you believe in and Why

It’s really important to believe in something. Faith has a direct impact on what we do and why we do it. Trick is you can’t believe in just anything and you shouldn’t accept the beliefs of others blindly. KNOW why you believe what you believe. Understand the foundation of your faith by finding out what it means for yourself.