Are you seeing the Bigger Picture?

Sometimes, the small, boring, menial tasks we face on a daily basis can be a huge mental stumbling block in our pursuit of success. Why? Because they remind us (and sometimes rightfully so), that we are capable of much greater things and can handle a lot more responsibility. Here’s the catch though, if you’re really preparing yourself to be a leader, to live a life of influence, to become that person that others respect and listen to, you’ll need to learn how to do two things really well: 1. Look at the bigger picture and 2. Learn how to serve others.

Create a Culture of Positivity!

While I’ve been busy painting hearts for Sam’s and mine, “grungy” heart art project, I’ve been neglecting to post more regularly, so today, I’m going to share another little video from a conference I spoke at last year.

Creating a culture of positivity actually ties in really well with all this heart stuff I’ve been working on. I love the variety that the simple heart symbol has allowed me as I’ve exprimented with different paints, glazes, sprays, templates and techniques (pure ADD candy!), but ultimately the reason I’m attracted to this project is because the visuals tie in so well with the philosophy of living life from the heart. And with positivity.

In the video, I recall a teacher who made a daily effort to come into the classroom and energize us, her students. I can’t imagine where that energy and love came from, except from the well-springs of her heart.

Look inside your heart today and try to tap into the positivity that lies within and share it with other people. And if you look deep and find nothing but sorrow, do not give up hope, but get around people who can support and embrace you with their positive energy.