Dominion High School

Dominion High School
Location: Potomac Falls, VA
Description: Assembly & Parent/Teacher Event
Date: 2009-04-20

Had an early morning today, heading out for the airport at 6am to be with all 1200 of you guys for the assembly. Nothing like a gymnasium packed with screaming kids to make my ADHD happy! I had a blast!

Then tonight we had a great turnout – 200+ students and parents, pretty good for a non-mandatory event. I’m so glad you all came out. I hope you could hear me (my voice is sort of not there right now, so hopefully a good night’s sleep will get it to come back). There were some great questions asked during the Q & A session – I’m sorry if I didn’t get to answer all of them – please post questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to either answer them directly or do a blog post about them, ok?

If there’s one thing that I need all you “special” people out there to know it is this: You are NOT alone! There are literally millions of people out there who have ADHD as well as other learning disabilities and not just kids, adults too! I believe the statistic is that only 15% of adults with ADHD ever get diagnosed. The rest of you just spend a lot of time wondering if you’re nuts. Well, you’re not! If what I shared tonight has you thinking that perhaps you may have ADHD, please do some research and educate yourself, then maybe, if you’re comfortable with it and can afford it, go get tested. The tests are not conclusive, but it might ease your mind some to know that ADHD is a possible diagnosis. Whatever the case may be, education is the key to successfully managing your symptoms and for creating a better life for yourself. Trust me, I’ve been there and being informed has made a world of difference in my life.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m exhausted and going to bed. Go Titans!! Night all!