Vol. 2 Tip #12 Face Your Fears

I’ll be the first to admit that building a successful life can be scary. Why? Because you have to make a lot of decisions the outcomes of which depend greatly on things that you can’t control…which might mean that everything doesn’t go according to plan. And none of us love the idea of failure.

Fear of failure is probably one of the most common fears that humans deal with, but of course there are many others that can get in the way of us moving forward in life with confidence. From phobias to lack of confidence to fear of being judged, every day, we stop ourselves from doing what needs to be done not because we’d be doing the wrong thing, but because we’re afraid that we wouldn’t be doing the right thing.

Life is a whole lot of unknown and living in fear of anything (within reason) is a huge waste of time and energy. Commit today to facing down your fears, one at a time, and keep moving forward!