ADHDers come up with ideas all the time, some great, and a lot not-so-great. It’s not easy to know when to encourage & when to put your foot down & say “no way”. Try your best not to have a one-size-fits-all response to every idea. It’s a tough balancing act, but learn how to read your ADHDer’s intentions before before responding.

Remember, some ideas are spontaneous and just come flying out of our mouths and are gone as soon as they are out – usually those are the wackiest things we come up with, and really there is not need for you to say so. 🙂 Then there are ideas that seem to make an appearance on a regular basis – again, depending on what the idea is sometimes all you have to do is just listen and say “oh that’s interesting dear” and nothing else and the idea will die a natural death. If your spouse or child is coming up with stuff and you’re constantly throwing cold water on their ideas, that can be an incredibly discouraging thing to deal with. Sometimes saying nothing is the best solution.