A few years ago, I got into doing Stand-up comedy & it was quite the learning experience. I wanted to do it & then I also didn’t. It was a scary, & unpredictable; sometimes no one laughed & it was very humbling. Worth it though because my speaking got a lot better & I learned a lot about being on stage.

A good friend of mine and a funny comedian, Kenn Kington gave me my first shot at doing a real Stand-up comedy show back in 2004. I opened up at one of his Ultimate Comedy Theatre and had a blast! This is a short clip from the show. Thanks Kenn for giving me a chance to try something totally scary!

What do you want to try that totally scares you? Find time this summer to dip your toes into “the scary” in your life. Life is too short to let fear dictate what you do & where you go in life!