A degree of structure & discipline should be maintained thru the summer. I like posting a list of rules where the kids can see them. I also believe in a reward/punishment system – nothing too complicated or military-like, but something that helps them grasp the concept of choices & consequences.

I think they key to this having any kind of benefit is two-fold: 1. You have to be consistent & stick with it and 2. You have to keep changing things up in the rewards department to keep it interesting for the kids and to keep them motivated to keep trying to do the right thing. I know that this is not a sure-fire way to get your kids to behave, and certainly the pay-off is not immediate, but without creating some kind of a well-defined reward/punishment system for kids to learn good behavior from bad, I really can’t imagine how they can become more manageable. Anyone else have any suggestions about teaching kids the concept of choices & consequences?