Having a hard time staying still and paying attention in class or youth group or business meetings? Get yourself a “fidget” or two. A fidget is a small object that keeps your hands busy & allows your mind to focus better. My favorite is the tangle, though for best results, I need to switch fidgets on a regular basis (to keep things fresh!) What your favorite fidget?

I love these, but sometimes they explode, witch kills the fidget http://www.kipptoys.com/ProductBrowse/ProductDetail.aspx?TID=237&SID=256&PID=15311

This one is a classic http://www.amazon.com/Milton-Bradley-Rubber-Band-Ball/dp/B002MUQSS4

The Tangle (think about going bulk to save a little $) http://www.simpleadhdexpert.com/shop/the-tangle/

Sometime a custom stress ball works wonders. http://www.bluetrack.com/

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